Paving the way for new business opportunities and sustainable employment

Labour market transition is a complex and often difficult process. This section of the toolbox covers practical guidance on how to accompany the labour market transition with short- and long-term measures as part of an overall Just Transition in coal regions.

Skills development measures should include needs assessments, upskilling and redeployment of individual workers.
Workers who are affected by structural change should be able to find easy-to-access information and tailored support. Vulnerable groups need specific awareness.
Minimising dependency on a small number of large industries will make regions less sensitive to economic fluctuations. The toolbox provides an overview of some promising sectors and business fields, such as entrepreneurship and small businesses, energy and energy efficiency, digitalisation, and circular economy.
Decarbonising energy will create millions of new jobs – but for a real just transition people need further support.
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Good Practices
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Wales (UK), North-Rhine Westphalia (Germany), Scotland (UK), India, Indonesia
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