A Just Transition Toolbox for coal regions

The Just Transition toolbox for coal regions aims to provide practical answers to the question of how to steer and support the shift away from coal on a regional level.

It provides an overview of the most important practical learnings and concepts that should help to kick off measures to diversify the local economies while at the same time supporting local workers and communities.
It is centred around five main themes: strategy, governance, energy, industry and employment, and is designed explicitly for practitioners in coal regions – policymakers in regional administrations, people working in or for ministries and other stakeholders who are or want to be involved in a transition process.

The toolbox features a broad range of examples of current practices in coal regions, including their strengths and shortfalls, as well as links to further resources and external knowledge.

Publishing info
April 2022
Jannis Beutel, Jenny Kurwan, Annisa Wallenta, Timon Wehnert and María Yetano Roche
Wuppertal Institute
English (original), Spanish, Indonesian 
17 MB
Creative Commons Attributions 4.0 International license (CC BY 4.0)