Just Transition Toolbox for coal regions

The earlier a managed transition starts, the better

Irrespective of the regional timeline of the coal phase out, the time to start planning the transition towards a climate-neutral future is now

The transition is a unique window of opportunity

Changes towards a climate-neutral future will be inevitable, creating a tipping point that should not be missed.

The transition isn’t just about the economy, but people

The transition towards a climate-neutral future can only work if it is a Just Transition.

The role of strategies in a Just Transition 
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Designing effective governance models
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Making the shift from fossil to renewable energy
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Decarbonising energy-intensive industries
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Paving the way for new business opportunities and sustainable employment
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»Once upon a time, coal brought cheap electricity to entire regions and vital jobs to communities. Those days are gone’.«

António Guterres, UN general secretary, 2021

To implement the global climate targets, a timely phase-out of coal is imperative. Doing so is not only an energy challenge, it is even more a question of how to distribute the burdens and gains of this transition and how to make sure everybody concerned is involved in the process.
Against this background, the Wuppertal Institute has developed the Just Transition toolbox for coal regions, a comprehensive compendium of experiences and good practices with references and links to existing handbooks, tools and guidelines.
It builds on the previous work of the Secretariat of the Initiative for coal regions in transition (CRIT) and vast knowledge from a diverse range of stakeholders across the globe. We would like to thank all the experts and regional practitioners involved in this process for their contributions.